Hope is not just wishful thinking or big dreams.  Hope is expectation, trust, and faith in a particular conclusion.  When we are faced with a difficult diagnosis, it can be easy to fall victim to the voices of doubt and fear.  When you live every day with a dark cloud of worry, anxiety, or depression hanging over you, your thoughts will create your reality.  You may feel lost at sea or overwhelmed by information and emotion and feel as if you were drowning.  




Healing with Hope coaching is a 3-month program that can be extended at its conclusion if you wish.  The program consists of a weekly 60 minute coaching session with Marilyn where we will discuss your diagnosis, obstacles, and any other concerns or stressors you may be dealing with.  Together we will come up with an action plan every week to help you make measurable changes in your life that will impact your physical, mental, and emotional health in the best way possible. I am available on an on-call basis to guide you through any unforeseen events that may arise at any time during the course of our time together. This coaching program is completely customized for each individual and your specific circumstances, and no two people go through the same program!


The Healing with Hope coaching program is typically divided into three steps to better structure your journey to hope.

I can help.

I help individuals navigate health crises through my Healing with Hope coaching program.

Hope: noun, a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen (Oxford Languages)

Month 1: Identifying Limiting Beliefs and Setting Goals

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In the first month of working together, we will:

  • Evaluate current situation and identify limiting beliefs (fear of diagnosis, financial concerns, inability to translate medical jargon, etc.)

  • Make contact with primary care physician, specialists, and key family members

  • Set goals and make a plan

Month 2: Transformation

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As we move into our second month of coaching, we will:

  • Begin re-framing your perspective

  • Break down your day into manageable chunks to approach your daily routine with confidence

  • Transform your fear and sense of overwhelm into peace and hope

Month 3: Implementation

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In our final month of working together, we will:

  • Continue to challenge your limiting beliefs

  • Focus on implementing and practicing your new belief system

  • Make a plan for ongoing coaching as necessary

This is of course not a miracle cure, but a sweeping mindset shift that will enable you to face your fear, mental paralysis, or depression. At the end of our work together, you will be empowered to take back control of your daily life and manage your health crisis with vitality. All my efforts are informed by the latest medical research on your condition, and I am adept at working with your existing primary care providers and specialists to help you create the best possible plan for your health and well-being.


After each call, you will receive an email with a written summary of our session as well as specific steps you can take before your next appointment to put your health plan in action.


Are you ready?


  • Have you suffered a major medical event, had/will have invasive surgery, or been diagnosed with a chronic or life-changing diagnosis (such as cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, stroke, etc)?

  • Are you struggling to manage your health or organize all the tasks you set for yourself in a day?

  • Do you feel as if you have no control over your life or your health?

  • Are you afraid or overwhelmed by your current crisis?


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